TUBA2015: videos

Here are the videos recorded during the TUBA2015.

  1. Tryton History from the very beginning
    Nicolas Évrard, Slides

  2. Why we have chosen Tryton
    Roberto Novaes, Slides

  3. Tryton in Argentina, our localization and use
    Pablo Vannini, Slides

  4. sao, Tryton in your browser
    Cédric Krier and Nicolas Évrard

  5. New features in GNU Health 3.0
    Luis Falcón, Slides

  6. Tryton Implementations, our experience without programmers
    Agustin Montagna

  7. Building packages for Tryton
    Axel Braun, Slides

  8. Mr Robot
    Cédric Krier, Slides

  9. A newbie introduction to proteus
    Nicolas Évrard

  10. typi: The Tryton Package Index
    Nicolas Évrard

  11. Nahual Inclusion Technology
    Cesar Tynik

  12. Running Tryton from a CD
    Axel Braun, Slides

  13. Design Patterns in Tryton
    Cédric Krier, Slides

  14. Integrating Tryton + Occhiolino in Food Testing Laboratory
    Sebastián Marró and Favio Dutria, Slides