TUB2013: videos

Here are the videos recorded during the TUB2013.

Big raw files provided by Cédric Krier are available: videos, sounds.
Kdenlive has been used in order to align clips and soundtracks, project files are also available.
Encoded WebM files are here.

Contact: email or Pilou on Freenode IRC.
  1. Tryton User Documentation
  2. Video (small size)
    Guillem Barba Domingo, Slides

  3. How To Release Module
  4. Video (small size)
    Cédric Krier, Slides

  5. Tryton from a User-Perspective
  6. Video (small size)
    Axel Braun, Slides

  7. Business Intelligence: Presentation of BABI
  8. Video (small size)
    Albert Cervera i Areny

  9. Showcase Of SAO
  10. Video (small size)
    Cédric Krier

  11. SAO patch from NaN
  12. Video (small size)
    Guillem Barba Domingo

  13. Cooperatives And Free Software Our Experience With Tryton
  14. Video (small size)
    Pablo Vannini, Slides

  15. a Newbie Introduction To Proteus
  16. Video (small size)
    Nicolas Évrard, Slides

  17. Roundtable About The Future Development
  18. Audio (Video is not available)

  19. Tryton And Insurance
  20. Video (small size)
    Jean Cavallo, Slides

  21. Tryton Point Of Sale
  22. Video (small size)
    Jordi Esteve, Slides

  23. iOS client
  24. Video (small size)
    Sharoon Thomas

  25. Nereid Workshop
  26. Video (small size)
    Sharoon Thomas

  27. GNU Health current status and next steps
  28. Video (small size)
    Luis Falcón, Slides

  29. Working In Distributed Environments, Synchronizing Instances And Models
  30. Video (small size)
    Sebastián Marró

  31. Why You Should Not Do Localization Modules
  32. Video (small size)
    Cédric Krier, Slides

  33. Tryton Private Foundation Treasury
  34. Video (small size)

  35. Workshop summaries
  36. Tryton Magento
  37. Video (small size)

  38. Nereid Extra Features
  39. Video (small size)
    Sharoon Thomas